PAI – Positional Accuracy Improvement – Untied Utilities

united-utilities-logoOccupEye was awarded a one year contract to re-align United Utilities’ electricity, clean water and waste water distribution networks in respect of the Ordnance Survey’s Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme. Completed on 31st March 2006, the Ordnance Survey’s PAI programme was developed to enable the capture of 1:2500 data to a greater absolute accuracy, resulting in an improved and more consistent accuracy standard of mapping for rural and semi-rural areas.

The impact of this programme is considerable, creating varying and inconsistent shifts, requiring Government Agencies, Utilities and Local Authorities etc to re-align digital assets or features currently referenced to pre-PAI background mapping. For example, in the case of a Utility, cables or pipes located underneath a pavement may appear to move to the middle of a road or to cross garden areas as a result of post-PAI mapping data being shifted by several metres.

With the increasing use of GPS positioning for surveying, Utilities are compelled to ensure that data sets are accurate as well as consistent with those utilised by stakeholders and other organisations in order to comply with regulatory requirements, improve safety standards and reduce the likelihood of an incident, as well as reduce operating costs…

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