Network Amendments – United Utilities

united-utilities-logoOccupEye has recently completed a project to develop an integrated Document Management and Workflow solution for capturing and recording amendments to United Utilities’s (UU) electricity network, on behalf of UU’s Asset Data Records (ADR) team. The ADR team are reliant on the submission of detailed ‘as laid’ information regarding the nature and location of on-site works undertaken by UU’s operational staff, engineers or contractors.

Each amendment is documented and a work packet, including the original work instruction, together with, for example, hand drawn sketches and annotations of changes made, submitted to the ADR team so that network changes can be committed to UU’s Geographical Information System (GIS). Based on DM, Workflow and BI components of Open Text’s LiveLink ECM – eDOCS™ content management suite, OccupEye’s solution takes control of the process by which minor amendments are recorded, providing team members with the ability to electronically define, manage and monitor the entire process in accordance with key performance criteria…

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