Document Conversion – NORWEB

norweb-logoNorweb is an electricity and gas supply distribution company. A subsiduary of United Utilities, the business includes Norweb Energi, Norweb Telecom and Norweb Distribution. Norweb Distribution maintains a distribution network of around 14,000 kilometres of overhead lines, 45,000 kilometres of underground cables and 32,000 substations to supply electricity from power stations and the National Grid. Norweb Distribution is responsible for delivering 23,800 GWh of electricity annually to 2.2 million customer premises in the North West of England.

Headed by Alan Jones, the Grid and Primary Systems department is responsible for all 132kV and 33kV asset replacement project work within the North West of England. The department is divided into three functional sections; Major Asset Development, Major Asset Construction and Network Management. The work of the department involves system planning and design, the management of electrical and civil construction projects and the management of maintenance works on the system.

Bruce Taylor, Major Asset Development Team Leader based at Norweb’s Hathersage Road site in Manchester was facing a problem. All the drawings and records detailing Norweb installations throughout the area were stored in a number of electronic formats based around various out of date and unsupported legacy CAD systems as well as some in AutoCAD R12. Many of the drawings were diffi cult to use and there was no assurance that the Unix based CAD systems used to produce the drawings would be Y2K compliant. Norweb had no effective drawing management system in place and used a Sybase database as a drawing register. Added to this, they also had a considerable number of large format paper drawings and 70mm microfi lms that were required to be in electronic format if they were to be a useful resource.

Norweb took the decision to implement a comprehensive document management system throughout the Grid and Primary Systems department. The solution sought, involved the installation of a Motiva document management system to be supplied by EDC Photonic with all CAD stations operating AutoCAD14 and GTX rasterCAD. The project would also involve the installation of new hardware systems to replace the existing ageing equipment and the conversion of all the existing drawings regardless of their format to be compatible with the new system. The conversion of their existing drawing archive would enable them to progress from their present situation of having to use a variety of legacy systems for storage, retrieval and viewing of documents to a standard system for fi nding and viewing all documents. Norweb turned to OccupEye for document conversion services in order to achieve their aim of compatibility for their existing drawings.

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