Capturing Assets – Westminster City Council

westminster-council-logoOccupEye was chosen to provide digitised floor plans as part of the asset management plan for Westminster City Council (WCC). The purpose of the project was to transfer hard copy plans of Westminster schools into a digital format that would enable easy access, distribution and editing facilities.

The preparation of the Schools’ Asset Management Plan, as required by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES)*, provided the impetus for WCC to update and rationalise existing drawings held for each school.

Previously, drawings of the schools were held in autosketch format, microfiche and hard copy. Very few drawings were held in digitised format and therefore the intention was to produce digitised drawings for over 50 schools that were up-to-date, accurate and easy to use.

The digitised format would enable WCC to utilise, update, view and print information quickly and easily. OccupEye provided its capturing solution which incorporated a ‘walk-through’ service, where they visited each school and noted changes to building layout including extensions, from the original plans.

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