AssetCapture – Shetland Islands Council

shetland-islands-councilShetland Islands Council awarded OccupEye a contract to produce Intelligent CAD Files for the majority of its corporate and educational properties for integration into a property management system using OccupEye’s versatile AssetCapture™ solution. Shetland Islands Council identified a need to update its existing drawings as they were out of date and not to scale.

The first stage was for OccupEye to undertake a pilot which involved two surveyors visiting the Island to complete full measured surveys of five properties, a mixture of educational and corporate with a gross external area of 16,200 sq m. The information collected was then brought back to OccupEye’s head office ready for conversion into Intelligent CAD Files.

The pilot was extremely successful. OccupEye has now been awarded the contract to undertake accurate measured electronic building surveys along with the production of Intelligent CAD Files of another 17 of Shetland Islands properties, again a mixture of education and corporate with a gross external area of 26,000 sq m…

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