OccupEye Local Authority and Central Government


According to a recent report from the Local Government Association (LGA), councils in England town hallcould face a £3.3 billion reduction in central government funding for local services in 2016/17. The LGA’s annual ‘Future funding outlook’ report, published recently, warns that councils will need to make further significant savings next year, equivalent to 12% of their total budget. Using the most recent Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts, LGA analysis predicts councils will see funding for local services reduced by a further 11% in 2017/18 and 4% in 2018/19.

With ongoing budget cuts, local authorities throughout the UK are faced with constant financial uncertainty. As a result, they face difficult challenges to find ways of making financial savings.

How OccupEye will benefit Local Authorities?

OccupEye will provide local authorities with highly accurate analytics and invaluable data, allowing users to track and report on utilisation of individual workspaces, meeting and conference rooms. The resulting data will allow facilities, property and accommodation managers to assist with the councils office accommodation strategy and smarter working programmes – as well as identifying vast opportunities for increased utilisation of their core estate. This will help local authorities to maximise space efficiency and make substantial cost savings.

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