Archaeological Map Scanning – Lancashire County Council

lancs-logoLancashire County Council Archeology Service takes advantage of today’s GIS and Document Capture technology to uncover Lancashire’s hidden past and discovers some unexpected benefits. The Archaeology Service is responsible for maintaining the Lancashire Sites and Monument’s Record, a database of known archaeological and historical sites within the County.

The Record serves a multitude of purposes and the department is responsible for providing information for use by the County Council, Unitary Authorities and District Councils of Lancashire, as well as the public, major land managers, professional archaeologists and academics. The Archaeology Service also provides a development control advice to the fourteen Local Planning Authorities in the County and the Service uses the Sites and Monuments Record information to assess the archaeological impact of proposed developments.

The historic maps held within the Record are essential to this process as they hold an enormous amount of information on the history and development of the town and landscapes of the County. Physically handling large map sheets on a daily basis and cross-referencing the data to modern maps is time consuming and can be damaging to the maps, which can be up to 150 years old…

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