Large Format Scanning – Cornwall County Council

Cornwall-CouncilOccupEye was the preferred choice for Cornwall County Council (CCC) to provide a Geographic Information Solution (GIS) that would enable the Council to identify land parcel sites in the County due to the company’s experience in providing similar solutions to its customers in Local Government. Originally, CCC referred to hard copies of Ordnance Survey (OS) maps in planning applications to identify the ownership of the sites.

It was recognised that if the maps were digitised, information within them could be searched for much more effectively and easily. It would also mean that the hard copy maps would not need to be handled as much as they can get damaged easily and therefore, could either be discarded or stored for preservation reasons. The contract involved scanning and digitising maps of the County which featured around 6,500 land parcels. OccupEye transferred the details of each land parcel site from the OS maps to AutoCAD Map.

The details represent freehold, leased to others, leasehold and sold sites, or sites owned by utilities companies such as electricity, gas, oil or water. The details were displayed on the maps using coloured layers, the advantage being that the categories of land parcel sites could easily be identified using a colour-coded key…

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