With rising estate costs, increasing demands and restrictive budgets, the health sector is facing a challenging period.Clinical room sensor

A recent report from The King’s Fund suggests that the NHS is going through the biggest financial squeeze in its history. Since 2010, its budget has effectively been frozen, increasing by just enough to cover inflation.

The Lord Carter of Coles review advises that, by April 2017, Trusts should operate at or above the benchmarks agreed by NHS Improvement for the operational management of their estates and facilities functions. As such, all Trusts require a plan to operate with a maximum of 35% of non-clinical floor space and 2.5% of unoccupied or under-used space by April 2017; they must be delivering this benchmark by April 2020 so that estates and facilities resources are shown to be used in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, Trusts should rationalise their corporate and administration functions to ensure that their costs are not exceeding 7% of their income by April 2018 or 6% of their income by 2020.

Drawing on both market analysis and our extensive work with clients in the health sector, we have also found a recurring trend: clinical and meeting rooms are in continuous demand, but there appears to be insufficient availability.

How OccupEye will benefit the health sector?

OccupEye will provide health sector organisations throughout the UK with highly accurate and reliable data about how often a specific room or workspace is utilised. The resultant data will allow estates and facilities managers to easily identify areas to relocate staff, allow more consultants to book clinical and meeting rooms, improve building efficiency and make significant cost savings.

OccupEye will also enable clients the flexibility to mount sensors on the wall or ceiling of any room type i.e. clinical and meeting rooms. The sensors are available in multiple colours, giving clients the option to have them installed to blend seamlessly into the existing décor of the given building/s.

Download our latest case study below which details the positive impact of OccupEye at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

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