With the number of university applicants increasing every year, higher education institutes have Lecture theatrecome under increasing pressure to make more space available.

According to a report from UCAS, a total of 532,300 people entered UK higher education in 2015, an underlying increase of 3.1% (16,100) on last year and the highest number recorded to date. So far in 2016, 593,720 people have applied to UK higher education courses, an increase of 0.2% compared to the same point last year.

Through our extensive work with clients in the education sector, we have found that rising tuition fees now mean that students are judging the institutions not just on the courses, but also on the facilities available to them.

How OccupEye will benefit higher education institutions?

OccupEye will provide higher education institutes around the world with the most accurate analytics and reports on how often individual and group study areas are utilised. In addition, OccupEye’s Live Space Finder solution will allow library staff and students to find available study spaces in real-time, even before entering the premises! The resulting data will allow both space planning and library managers to make strategic estates decisions, maximise space and greatly enhance the overall student experience.

Download our latest case study below which details the positive impact of OccupEye at Birkbeck, University of London.

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