According to Cushman & Wakefield, for most organisations, real estate is the second largest expense after personnel. In times of severe budgetary challenges and with the economy growing at a steady pace, the pressure on organisations around the world – particularly those in major cities – to find savings through increased efficiency has never been greater.

Through analysing the market and working Utilisation green and red arrowsclosely with a number of large corporate clients, we have found that many organisations fail to realise they could make significant financial savings by improving the utilisation of occupied space. In actual fact, these savings could potentially turn into millions of pounds!

How OccupEye will benefit corporate organisations?

Our innovative solution will provide organisations around the world with highly accurate and comprehensive data, allowing users to track and report utilisation of individual workspaces, meeting and conference rooms instantaneously. The resulting data will allow facilities, global real estate and energy managers to make informed decisions about agile/flexible working, expansion and energy usage. This will allow businesses worldwide to maximise space efficiency and make substantial cost savings.

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