News for 2015

January 2015

Rugby Borough Council

Rugby Borough Council has commissioned Cad-Capture to undertake extensive asset inventories of its corporate HQ, Rugby Town Hall. The building surveys, carried out by our experienced surveying team, will assist the council with space planning and a range of other asset management tasks. Property managers at the council will have access to accurate workspace layouts showing associated mechanical and electrical facilities of their property.

February 2015

NHS Lothian and NHS Grampian

We are delighted to add two of NHS Scotland’s regional board members, NHS Lothian and NHS Grampian, to the ever growing list of OccupEye health sector clients. Together, they employ around 46,000 staff across several sites, providing a comprehensive range of primary and community health partnerships and acute services. The trusts now have 300 OccupEye sensors deployed across workspaces, meeting and consulting rooms. Our advanced sensors will help both trusts accurately identify areas of underutilised space, saving valuable time and money.

March 2015

RELX Group

RELX Group, a FTSE 100 world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers with annual revenue of £2.48 billion and more than 7,000 employees in 24 countries, has deployed Cad-Capture’s innovative OccupEye sensor technology over 300 workspaces at its office in the heart of London. With the average cost per workspace in the City of London at £15,000, OccupEye will help RELX Group make significant financial savings through improved office space efficiency.

April 2015

London Borough of Islington

Cad-Capture’s excellent performance and customer service last year has resulted in London Borough of Islington renewing its contract for Right to Buy (RTB) floor plans, location plans, lease plans and other surveying and CAD services. RTB is proving to be popular, especially within London Boroughs where the demand is growing exponentially.

May 2015

London Borough of Brent

London Borough of Brent has appointed Cad-Capture to resurvey and update the CAD floor plans for 14 schools as part of its schools expansion project. With an annual statutory requirement from the Department for Education (DfE) for school capacity returns (SCAP), local authorities must ensure net capacity assessments are up to date for all schools. Cad-Capture’s unique intelligent floor plan solution provides highly accurate data, allowing net capacity spreadsheet forms to be completed in seconds, saving the council valuable time and money.

June 2015

Hertfordshire County Council

Following Cad-Capture’s successful appointment to Hertfordshire County Council’s Property Consultancy Framework for Asset and Data Collection, our experienced team of property surveyors has been chosen to carry out measured building surveys and net capacity assessments for 89 schools across the county. The end result will see Hertfordshire County Council receive highly detailed up to date intelligent CAD plans and enable it to fulfil DfE requirements.

July 2015

London Borough of Wandsworth

London Borough of Wandsworth joins a rapidly expanding ‘club’ of London Boroughs, with its latest deployment of OccupEye, Cad-Capture’s advanced sensor-based workspace monitoring solution. 200 OccupEye sensors are to be installed on multiple desks and meeting rooms across Wandsworth Town Hall to identify under or over utilised space. The council will enjoy complete control over data reporting and analysis through OccupEye’s state-of-the-art analytics dashboard. This will help the council to maximise space efficiency and make significant financial savings.

August 2015

Croydon Schools

Cad-Capture is delighted to announce its appointment to a significant surveying contract for schools in Croydon, London’s most southerly borough. The project involves measured building, suitability and sufficiency surveys with net capacity assessments for 49 schools across the borough. These services will give the council invaluable and thorough knowledge of each school’s essential characteristics in accordance with DfE guidelines.

September 2015

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (UAE)

Cad-Capture is excited to announce its first Middle East customer, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology to its expanding list of OccupEye overseas clients. The institute is the world’s first graduate-level university dedicated to providing real-world solutions to issues of sustainability. OccupEye sensors have been deployed across multiple workspaces at the campus on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi allowing Masdar Institute to boost space efficiency and make substantial savings.

October 2015

One Partnership (Eric Wright Group)

We are proud to welcome near neighbour One Partnership (Eric Wright Group) to our increasing health sector OccupEye client base. One Partnership is a public private partnership between Eric Wright Group and Community Health Partnerships. CHP is wholly owned by the Department of Health and has a strong track record of adding value to the NHS, offering a unique blend of investment, property management and strategic estate planning expertise. The partners One Partnership now has over 1,000 OccupEye sensors flexibly deployed in various locations across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, monitoring the utilisation of desks and consulting and meeting rooms. OccupEye will assist the partners in achieving significant cost savings through reduction in unused space.

November 2015

Willmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon has awarded Cad-Capture a significant land and building surveying contract for a number of South London schools. Using the very latest surveying technology, our expert team of property surveyors will undertake topographical surveys of the surrounding land and existing buildings. The results will provide the schools with highly accurate topographic survey and design information in accordance with RICS guidelines.

December 2015

Warwickshire County Council

The evolution of OccupEye within local authorities continues apace with the latest workspace utilisation sensor deployment at Warwickshire County Council. 250 OccupEye sensors are to be installed on multiple desks and meeting rooms across the council’s headquarters at Shire Hall. As a result, the council will maximise space efficiency and create substantial cost savings through improved utilisation.

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