News for 2013

January 2013

Surrey County Council

Following a competitive tender, Cad-Capture has been awarded a contract to produce up-to-date intelligent CAD drawings of a large number of schools and corporate properties across the county. Whilst quality based on past performance was a key factor in the award, so too was Cad-Capture’s ability to produce drawings compatible with Surrey’s new Asset Management Database system, Atrium.

February 2013

The Grammar Schools of King Edward VI

Cad-Capture has been commissioned to undertake Measured Building Surveys on the King Edward VI portfolio of Schools, resulting in the production of accurate intelligent CAD floor plans. These new data-rich drawings, supplied as part of our unique ‘ScAMP’ service, will form the basis for accurate capacity calculations that will be produced for each school, further complemented by the inclusion of DfE compliant room-by-room suitability assessments.

March 2013

Portsmouth City Council

Cad-Capture is delighted to announce another successful contract award following competitive tender. Close on the heels of our January success in Surrey, Portsmouth City Council has followed suit in granting a significant commission to carry out Measured Building Surveys on over 100 properties on the South Coast. Once more, Cad-Capture’s offering scored highly thanks to our quality:cost ratio, and our ability to produce intelligent CAD drawings compatible with the authority’s Concerto Asset Management Database was the cherry on the cake!

April 2013

London Borough of Hackney

Continuing a long standing successful partnership, The London Borough of Hackney has commissioned Cad-Capture to undertake Measured Building Surveys on a number of properties across the region.

May 2013

City of York Council

Following successful completion of several projects in 2012, City of York Council has once again turned to Cad-Capture as a supplier that offers consistent quality and value. Measured Building Surveys and Condition Surveys will be undertaken on 14 Schools in the region, with the new, up-to-date, survey data to be synchronised with the authority’s Technology Forge Asset Management database.

June 2013

Scottish Public Sector Property & Estates 2013 Conference

On June 5th, Cad-Capture attended the Scottish Public Sector Property & Estates conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow. Andrew Butterworth, Cad-Capture Operations Director, provided a seminar on the impacts of technology on improving space utilisation, as the company presented its innovative Workspace Utilisation Sensor system – OccupEye. The session was tremendously well received by conference delegates and the day was enjoyed by all.

July 2013

Chorley Council

Following a competitive tender Cad-Capture has been awarded a significant contract by Chorley Council for the scanning and digitisation of the council’s arcihived planning application data, consisting of a large number of Land Maps and Microfiche.

August 2013

Surrey County Council

Cad-Capture has been awarded a long-term contract by Surrey County Council to carry out Measured Building Surveys on schools and corporate properties across the region, continuing a long and successful partnership. With an on-going commitment to good Asset Management practice, Surrey were keen to secure Cad-Capture’s services over the coming years, and we are equally delighted that our past track-record, value and commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed us to stay ahead of the rest and win another highly competitive tender.

September 2013

OccupEye Makes Capital Gains

Two prominent London Boroughs become the latest users of Cad-Capture’s innovative and highly effective space utilisation analysis technology, OccupEye. With uptake of the system exploding across both the public and private sectors, 2014 looks set to be a year dominated by our workplace technology. OccupEye is enabling users to identify vast opportunities for increased utilisation of their core accommodation, as well as ending the meeting room abuse culture, allowing users to track and report on utilisation of individual workspaces and meeting rooms alike, in real-time! The days of 50% office utilisation and empty-but-booked meeting rooms are numbered.

October 2013

Emergency Service

October was a blue-light month for Cad-Capture, extending on a growing number of clients from the Emergency Services sector with a commission to carry out Measured Surveys for Lincolnshire Police. Having worked with a number of forces this year, Cad-Capture’s site team have been through the rigorous Police vetting procedure required to work on-site and inside law enforcement properties, making us the natural choice where a quick and efficienct service is required from a track tested company.

November 2013

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Neighbours were indeed good friends in November, as Blackburn-based East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust became the latest public sector authority to purchase OccupEye – Cad-Capture’s revolutionary space utilisation sensor technology. OccupEye will be flexibly deployed across a number of the Trust’s facilities in order to accurately identify areas of inefficiency, with the resultant data then being used to drive significant cost savings through an informed reduction in occupied space.

December 2013

Trafford Council

Following a competitive tender process, Cad-Capture has been successfully appointed by Trafford Council to carry out measured building surveys and CAD updates on a number of secondary school academies in the region. With a tight timeframe for completion of works and a requirement for absolute quality, Cad-Capture’s proven track record and integrity were key factors in the award of this contract – guaranteeing Trafford the very best value for money service available. The resultant output will see the Council receive a data-rich set of intelligent CAD drawings that will assist with and inform a range of property asset managemet and DfE requirements.

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